Jupiter Inlet at Dusk

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Jupiter Dive Center
Calm seas on a beautiful, quiet Saturday evening as the Jupiter Dive Center Boat returns to port after a long day of scuba.

After a long day of juggling real estate clients, I decided to unwind with my camera at the Jupiter Inlet. Weather was beyond perfect with a slight breeze, and balmy temps in the mid 70’s. As I exited my car I couldn’t help but notice the small army of tripod & DLSR wielding soldiers rapidly approaching my way.

Anchor dropped and the crew relaxes!
Anchor dropped and the crew relaxes!

I grabbed my bag and flimsy tripod and blended into the cavalcade. As we marched towards the apex nearest the Jupiter Lighthouse my new found compadre enlightened me to the fact that this was the finale for a free photo seminar hosted by local photographers.

Jupiter Lighthouse in January

As the group disbanded I squeezed off numerous shots of the lighthouse and locals enjoying a day of fishing.

Shooting beauty on the Jupiter Inlet
Shooting beauty on the Jupiter Inlet








More amazing shots of the Jupiter Inlet!

Surreal Shot of Jupiter Inlet Skies Painted by Palms

Every day I pinch myself! I am so totally blessed to live in paradise!
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